Sunday, December 13, 2009

Another Day

With the passion of the italian photographer Italo Calvino in 'the adventures of a photographer' i set out yesterday and this morning to photograph something from life.
I drove around 40 miles, the day was dry , the light lovely. I was listening to music and looking,being open to something that I might line up with my head and my heart and camera.
but despite the time and space to do so i either drove in the wrong direction or perhaps driving itself was the mistake.
my car was loaded up with gear from digital cameras to Mamiya RZ and 5x4 Wista.
Recently i saw some things i wanted to photograph but i choose to find out or try to discover new one rather than go back to these sites.
I realise this is a crazy way to practice but i trusted the instinct "shooting from the gut" and i was open to discovering something
but it was not to be on these occasions.

Musings on the creative process

I sometimes feel trying to understand the photograph is impossible,its promise to truth , while at the same time being a kind of fiction and promises to fix life but offers us only an images of our own mortality- its like trying to catch mercury,
so i am trying to both understand both my own thoughts and something as complex as the photograph!

I think sometimes photographers are working in the area of the sub conscious , not really knowing why they are making images but its revealed to them later on perhaps.
I see a lot of work in the ma that reflects something about the interior of the person even if thats not understood by them or by us(the viewer) just yet.

next i will go and work with passion on "whatever interests me" from now till 5th January and see where that takes me!