Friday, April 2, 2010

The Exploding school

Ok, Its back to my project. Being outside nosing around as a photographer,one place leads you to another ,only this time it was through reading and then research on the internet, that I found out about this idea of the exploding school.
Inspired by the ideas put forward in the 1960s book Streetworks,the exploding school,is an inspiring and challenging idea
To to focus on the environmental education of the non-academic urban child. Having noticed a recent upsurge in public interest in town and country planning and the physical environment, the two Authors of the book Streetworks set about rethinking environmental education.
My own project on children and free play etc has brought me into contact with many excellent writers on Children's issues
and the environment from the physiological to the psychological aspects of the connection between the space and the child's
Use of that space and the child's agency with how to best use the little unscheduled time available to them today.
I guess I want to make a connection between the way the photo project is constructed and the methods of research now via the internet for a photographer and how people use whatever means available to imagine and enter some place of mystery and imagination. The desire for wonder and fantasy are I believe a need as deep as belonging.

In fact ancient people had much more respect for the otherworld and i think when we over schedule and over prescribe
Things to our children we take away some important and deeper interconnection between our self and our soul or spirit.

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