Monday, May 31, 2010

Child with Net

I was just leaving the beach at Achill and I saw this boy with his net by the edge of the sea. He was sort of fencing with the wave.I was packing up but I pulled this old MPP press camera from my car and shot one frame, holding it up and setting the focus to infinity.
Strange for a photographer but I hate cameras. So,when i was asked to contribute to the "tools of the trade' exhibition at south street studios in July this image was first to mind. After many years of working with almost every available camera and format I believe the camera is not important. Photographers with basic equipment still manage to produce great work. Now I travel light and only bring to a shoot what I may use, no extra lenses or anything, i tailor to suit the job at hand.  Today I don't think I would take this image of an unknown child, due to the changes of how we perceive photographers photographing children.
That said, it feeds into my current project which is about childhood and the way in which we watch over children. Now I use my own children sally and Hazel or my friends children as subject material.

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