Saturday, June 11, 2011

My notebook fetish

I am always drawn to notebooks for some bizarre reason

Everywhere I go there are notebooks in garden shops, bookstores, airports, paper shops, discount stores, art suppliers, cool stores like Muji , uncool ones like Easons and even TK Max have them. I keep a small one A6 muji in my pocket every day, its like my passport and in it I am reminded of what's important, things i value and little notes about projects on my mind for future.


Its illustrated by pictures that reinforce stuff , like what is achievement for me at this time? Two pages on mastery, two on growth and so on.These are themes i will be writing about in future blog posts.


I have a pile of moleskins ,that i have been using for the past 10 years,stacked up and full up with ideas and thoughts,telephone numbers and so on on a shelf to my left.

I always keep a A4 notebooks one lined and one with blank pages in my bag. 


I buy boxes of black sharpies and sometimes i find that ideas can only be brought to life by drawing and sometimes on the lined notebook pages by list.I love blank pages.

Please let me know if I am alone on this one...

I keep an occasional diary as well. I have been random posts in a lovely leather diary I bought in Tuscany in 2002 ! Over the past 11 years I noticed how i have moved from writing exclusively about work (i was obsessed with photography and work achievements) to more about life and how i think and feel.

I keep A3 black journals for my art work as visual journals.

My friends at AAD designed their own book of lists, of course I have two, I filled one in just over two months.

Make Lists Not War

February 4th, 2011

Our New Years Present is a little late. We originally came up with the idea for the list book in 2008! After putting it off that year and then completely redesigning it last year we finally decided to make it this year. It was meant to be on clients and friends desks at the start of January but due to some custom foil problems it’s only being finished now. Hopefully when it finally goes out it’ll have been worth the wait.

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