Tuesday, January 17, 2012

projects 2012

Apart from my commissions I tend to work on a number of projects at once over a long period of time.
The more work I get the longer these projects take to complete.

2012 Photographic Projects
Family Album
2012 to present
A broad take on my extended family that aims to make portraits of all the customers of our family shop that closed in the last recession. Black and white film.

The Sky And The Ground
2012 to present
Artistic response into food production in Ireland using photography and video. More details to come.

Going Down The Town
2007 to present
On going project with Irish Teenagers in Rural Irish Villages and Towns, shot on 120 film colour negative stock.

The Shrinking Horizons Of Childhood
2007 to 2012
Photographic project about childhood and how children spend most of their time indoors. 30x 40 " Digital C Types from colour negatives shot on a Mamiya RZ67.

2006 to 2010
Personal project : A disjointed series of photographs that displays a passion for image making and the interior life . Digital and film, small book project.
I will also direct a short film and be cinematographer on a short this year as well. 

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